H&F Bread Co.

All of our muffins can be ordered in a small or standard size and come in a variety of flavors.

Banana nut: A traditional banana muffin mixed with walnut pieces with a streusel topping.

Blueberry: Sour cream based batter mixed with whole blueberries and topped with sparkling sanding sugar.

Bran: A hearty muffin with bran, wheat germ, and honey and topped with oats.

Chocolate Chip: A sour cream based batter mixed with mini chocolate chips.

Morning Glory: A flavorful muffin made with a variety of spices, apples, coconut, carrot, and raisins.

Sour Cream Pecan: A sour cream coffee cake muffin with a pecan streusel topping

Sticky Toffee: A rich muffin made with chocolate chunks and dates, topped with a toffee glaze.


Type: H&F

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