H&F Bread Co.

A traditional buttery and flaky French style croissant. Available in standard and small sizes. 

Chocolate Croissant: Croissant dough filled with two bittersweet chocolate batons, rectangular in shape.

Almond Croissant: Our classic croissant filled with a homemade, lightly sweetened almond paste. The croissant is then topped with more almond paste, sliced almonds, and baked once more until the almonds are perfectly roasted.

Bacon Cheddar Croissant: A savory croissant filled with a slice of Tillamook cheddar cheese, smokey Benton’s Bacon, and topped with poppy seeds.

Reserve for pick-up two days out. Need it sooner - contact us for availability (404) 350.8877


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Type: H&F

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