Why Choose H&F Bread Company


Linton HopkinsChef Linton Hopkins partnered with  
long time friend and entrepreneur Joe Best to found H&F Bread Co. in 2008 with the vision of producing something he couldn’t find elsewhere in Atlanta at the time: fresh and delicious artisanal  bread, baked daily, for his two restaurants, Restaurant Eugene and  Holeman & Finch Public House. This bread garnered the attention of the culinary community and demand grew the business into a fully functional wholesale bakery, delivering fresh bread daily to hundreds of accounts citywide. The H&F Bread Co. Bread Box retail space opened to the public, offering breads and pastries direct to consumers. The Employees of H&F Bread Company (“H&F”) have taken special care to create an environment that promotes excellence through our commitment, dedication and service to our Partners. 

The following outlines the five reasons why you should consider choosing H&F as your baked goods Partner.




Our Experience and Quality




Starting with a single baker and three assistants operating in an 1,800 square foot facility, we have expanded to a staff of more than 115 Employees with three Head Bakers and four Baking Managers operating twenty-four hours a day seven days a week in a 16,000 Square foot facility. Between our General Manager, Head Bakers and Baking Managers, we have approximately 170 years of baking experience in the baking industry.  

When H&F was started they filled a niche, supplying Great Bread to restaurants who wanted “To enhance the dining experience with artisan baked goods of the highest quality and consistency”. Today that is our Mission Statement.

As a steward of delivering quality and consistent quality baked products to the marketplace H&F has received significant awards, including:

  • Top 10 Bakeries in the US by Bon Appetit Magazine,
  • One of the Top Bakeries in the South by Southern Living
  • One of our Head Bakers won Top 10 Bakers by Dessert Professional Magazine


Our Product Commitment

Our all natural products are made with the finest ingredients available. We pride ourselves in baking fresh products with zero additives to extend shelf life.

Food Safety

One of the simplest ways to find out if a potential partner is operating under best practices for food handling and distribution is to see if they have been inspected and certified by American Institute of Baking (“AIB”). H&F in scored 870 out of 1,000 on our first AIB Audit, and received the “Recognition of High Achievement” award.

Our Passion

This is more than a job to us. We love what we create and strive to produce products that bring that passion for great food to our customers. H&F produces approximately 300 different products daily to meet the needs of our Partners and we are constantly evaluating new products to meet our Partner’s demands in the marketplace.

Our Future

In order to meet the ever-increasing demands on our products and to expand our distribution throughout the Southeast and beyond, H&F is testing a “Fresh Frozen” product line. Without changing recipes we tested our products using different Individual Quick Frozen (“IQF”) machines. The results of these tests  proved that several of our products can go through an IQF process thawed out and taste as good as our  fresh products. What does this mean for our Partners?

  • H&F products can be shipped frozen to locations outside of Georgia and our remote Partners can serve artisan bread products to their customers.
  • H&F will maintain some of our best selling products frozen so that we will be able to meet last minute demands of our Partners that book last minute parties or catering events.

We are expanding to a second location within a mile of our Ellsworth facility. In this new facility, we will expand our automation and focus of specific product lines, but all products will remain Artisan.


We thank you for considering H&F products. We recognize you have a choice, and if you select us as your Partner we will work diligently to exceed your expectations.