French Toast Ideas from Garnish & Gather

1. Pretzel Bread French Toast

Slice H&F Pretzel Ficelle into thick slices and batter them with egg and a little cinnamon & sugar. Pan fry them and you're on your way to a salty-sweet heaven. We love topping this one with a little almond butterfor extra protein.


2. Egg in a French Bagel Basket

For this gem, simple slice your H&F Bagel in half and batter in egg. Add to a hot pan and while its cooking, crack and a farm fresh egg into the center to make a new take on an egg-in-a-basket. The savoriness of the bright yellow yolk mixes great with a sweet kick from Red Earth Organics Blueberry Syrup.


3. Georgia Pecan Biscuit French Toast & Sausage

You can't have biscuits without sausage. This is Georgia after all! Get a hot pan going and cook up somesausage patties. Meanwhile, whisk eggs with some Georgia Pecan Milk and use it batter H&F Biscuits. Pan fry those bad boys in the sausage grease and you've got a serious Southern treat!


4. Goat Cheese-Stuffed Pita French Toast

Mix up a little Caly Road Goat Cheese with Atlanta Fresh Greek yogurt to make a creamy filling. Mix in some scallions for a savory filling, or some cinnamon and sugar for a sweet filling. Stuff that into freshly baked H&F Pita Bread, batter with eggs and pan fry to perfection. This one is great with a dollup of Red Earth Organic Farms Blueberry Preserves on top.


Have the best week ever. Get all these fresh local goodies and have a French Toast Celebration!!

Thank You Garnish & Gather!






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