Breakfast Around the World - Germany

Breakfast Around the World - Germany

Lea Kosch from HuffPost Germany says: "Germans usually eat whole wheat bread, cheese, cold cuts and a soft-boiled egg. The most important of all however is a big cup of the worst drip coffee you will ever find. Even though Germans have discovered the allure of the cappuccino and the latte, many insist on drinking their drip coffee black. There is also a sweeter version of breakfast, which includes bread with marmalade, orange juice and cereal (for those who prefer something more healthy).

"The Bavarian version of breakfast is very different. Bavarians eat two beef sausages with sweet mustard and a pretzel for breakfast. The most hardcore Bavarians eat their breakfast with a beer! There is also an old Bavarian rule that says it is an infraction to eat beef sausages past midday.”


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