Don’t Think Menu—Think Market

Don’t Think Menu—Think Market

Fresh makes the menu

“Food is such a good way to connect to nature and the seasons,” Alison says. “As we get into fall, everyone craves root vegetables—turnips, carrots, squash—and darker greens.” From there, Alison suggests two directions for the flavoring: “I like to either go into the French world, where it’s about rosemary and thyme, or into a more Middle Eastern taste with tahini and parsley.” As for the “protein” course, once the grill is stored away for the season, she’ll roast or braise the meat. 

This particular dinner featured vegetables galore in the form of a shallot tart tatin, a salad of winter chicories with roasted beets, harissa-roasted carrots, a caldo verde with kale, and roasted cauliflower. When you begin with what’s at the market, the vegetables will naturally take a starring role in the menu.

- Alison Cayne, founder of Haven’s Kitchen

Haven's Kitchen

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