Eat and View

The popular television series, "The Walking Dead", premieres on AMC this Sunday, October 11, 2015. The show stars Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, and more. "The Walking Dead" is about a plague that happened and caused people to become infected mentally. This caused them to die but somehow be alive to eat, hence the title "The Walking Dead". The show follows a group of individuals who will do anything to survive. Through many obstacles and close calls, the group sticks together and makes it through the most unimaginable situations.


In honor of this suspenseful series, we want to highlight Holeman and Finch's Bloody Mary Mix. What makes a good Bloody Mary? For those of us here at H&F, we believe it is the balance of bright citrus, tangy tomatoes and savory spices. Think of our mix as the perfect diving board: Carefully crafted to enjoy as is, and just as suitable for free-styling. We believe in collaboration. Go ahead. If you want to add a little cracked pepper, do it. More Worcestershire? Pick your brand. The Bloody Mary is a state of mind.


Have a party this Sunday and watch the Season Premiere of The Walking Dead with H&F's Bloody Mary Mix. Grab some shrimp, green olives, and a martini glass and make it interesting! 

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